SafePod status

The following section provides information on the status of SafePods to go live.

Glasgow Caledonian University.
Ulster University.
University of Bristol.
University of Central Lancashire.
University of Exeter.
University of Nottingham.
University of Oxford.
University of St Andrews.
University of York.

These SafePods can be booked here.

University of Bath: Expected go live by December 2021.
University of Liverpool: Expected go live by December 2021.
London School of Economics and Political Science: Expected go live by December 2021.
University of Manchester: Expected go live by December 2021.
The National Archives: Expected go live by January 2022.
University of Cambridge: Expected go live by January 2022.

University of Dundee:  Installation scheduled for November 2021.
University of Birmingham: Installation scheduled for January 2022.
University of the Highlands and Islands: Installation scheduled for February 2022.
University of Leicester: Installation scheduled for March 2022.
Lancaster University: Installation scheduled for April 2022.
University of Sheffield: Installation scheduled for May 2022.
Northumbria University: Installation scheduled for June 2022.
University of Warwick: Installation scheduled for July 2022.
University of Aberdeen: Installation scheduled for August 2022.
Durham University: Installation scheduled for September 2022.