SafePod Coordinators are responsible for the operation and management of their SafePod in line with SafePod Network policies and procedures. They are existing staff members that are based at organisations that host a SafePod.

SafePod Coordinators are the heart of the SafePod Network and critical for its operation.  They provide their time, skills and commitment to enable researchers to securely access data from their SafePod for important research.  There are currently over 130 SafePod Coordinators across the UK.

The main duties of a SafePod Coordinator are as follows:

  • Responsibility for their SafePod’s security, including completing regular security checks.
  • Conducting researcher identification checks and ensuring access conditions to their SafePod are followed.
  • Completing inductions for researchers new to using a SafePod.
  • Providing on call assistance to researchers using their SafePod.
  • Completing security reports following a researcher’s use of their SafePod.
  • Reporting faults and carrying out maintenance checks for their SafePod.
  • Keeping information about their SafePod up to date on the SafePod Network website.

A person that wishes to become a SafePod Coordinator must take and pass an in depth training questionnaire to demonstrate that they have a good understanding of SafePod Network policies and procedures.  The training questionnaire must be re-taken every three years.

Background check
A person that wishes to become a SafePod Coordinator must also have a background check completed, which includes a disclosure check.  A background check must be re-taken every three years.

Award levels
SafePod Coordinators are recognised by the SafePod Network for their time and experience that they give to the role.  You can view the award level for a SafePod Coordinator from here (note this is an opt in public list).

Senior Responsible Person
Each SafePod also has a Senior Responsible Person.  They are responsible for ensuring SafePod Network polices are followed by their organisation and for SafePod Coordinator staffing.

Further information
For further information about the role of a SafePod Coordinator contact the SafePod Network.