SPN develops SafeSpace

The SPN has developed SafeSpace, which is a new model for creating a safe setting from a room for secure access to datasets for research purposes.  SafeSpace requires the use of a SafeCube, which provides the IT equipment and other services necessary for secure dataset access to different Data centres (the same as SafePod).  The SafeCube contains:

  • A secure SPN IT system which is used for remote access to a Data Centre’s datasets (this is the same system that is used in SafePods);
  • A CCTV camera for monitoring activity in a SafeSpace (subject to Data Centre requirements);
  • A motion sensor to automatically protect information on the screen when a researcher leaves their desk; and
  • Supporting IT connections to connect necessary keyboard, monitor, mouse and internet.

Picture of a SafeCube and camera

Supporting policies surround the creation and use of a room as a SafeSpace, which must be followed. A dedicated room is not required for SafeSpace as SafeSpace policies only apply when the SafeCube is switched on

It is anticipated that a SafeSpace can be set up at a researcher's organisation and in some circumstances from their home.

For further information about SafeSpace contact the SafePod Network.