How to make a SafePod booking

This page outlines the requirements and procedures for a Researcher to make a SafePod booking.  You may also wish to read the SPN User Agreement available here which details the terms and conditions for access and use of a SafePod.

Pre-requisite requirements

  • You must have a project with an SPN approved Data Centre.  The current list of SPN approved Data Centres is available here.
  • You must have registered with the SPN and passed the training questionnaire on SPN policies and procedures for use of a SafePod.
  • You must hold a valid passport or driving licence for an identification check when you arrive to use a SafePod.
  • Check that a SafePod near you is available for booking.  You can view the SafePods available to book here.

SafePod booking procedures 

  • Click the 'Book a SafePod' button in the top right of the home page.
  • Select the SafePod that you wish to book. A page providing summary information about that SafePod will then appear.
  • If you wish to then book this SafePod, click the 'Book this SafePod' button.
  • Select the Data Centre that you wish to access your project datasets from.
  • Complete the booking form which includes the dates you wish to use the SafePod for and any booking requests you may have.  Note, you can select multiple dates for a SafePod booking.
  • Review the booking summary and then click the button to submit your SafePod booking request.

Your SafePod booking request will then be sent to your chosen Data Centre.  They will then approve or decline your SafePod booking and you will receive an email to advise of the outcome.  Where a SafePod booking is confirmed, the email will detail the location and all conditions of access for the SafePod booking.

SafePod booking assistance
If you require help or assistance to use the online system to book a SafePod then please contact the SafePod Network on 01334 463901 or email

Attendance at a SafePod

  • On the date of your SafePod booking please arrive in good time at the SafePod location.  
  • Bring with you your SafePod booking confirmation email, valid form of identification (passport or driving licence) and any credentials issued by a Data Centre for you to access your project datasets.
  • A SafePod Coordinator will complete an identification check and other procedures before providing you with a swipe card to access the SafePod.
  • Once you have accessed the SafePod, you can then log in and access your project datasets.

Please remember to abide by the SPN User Agreement and any other agreements you have signed to access your project datasets during your SafePod booking.  At the end of a SafePod booking follow procedures in the SPN User Agreement to end a SafePod booking.

Enjoy using SafePods for your research!