The SPN provides the following benefits to Researchers, Data Centres and SafePod Organisations.


  • SafePods help to encourage research by providing a researcher with local secure access to their project datasets from a SafePod.  SafePods remove the geographical, time and cost barriers that has previously existed for researchers to attend the limited and fragmented safe settings in the UK.
  • SafePods provide access to different Data Centres data from the same SafePod, and so open up opportunities for researchers to easily work with different data.
  • SafePods provide a dedicated, quiet and comfortable environment from which researchers can analyse their data for research.  This includes a height adjustable desk, adjustable chair and two monitors.  
  • SafePods support remote and local access to data, allowing researchers to analysis a wide variety of different types of data and for other confidential research projects.
  • The SafePod Network website provides an easy to use booking system for researchers to book SafePods across the UK.


    • By joining the SafePod Network, a ready made and low cost solution is provided to enable Data Centres to start or widen access to their data for research through the network of SafePods across the UK.   
    • The security and controls for each SafePod are managed by the SafePod Network in line with their policies and procedures.  This provides the assurances that their data will be accessed in line with agreements made with a researcher, and removes this management function from a Data Centre.  
    • The accreditation process for a SafePod is simplified.  As all SafePods are standardised, the accreditation of one SafePod accredits all SafePods in the network across the UK.  
    • Access and conditions to use a SafePod are controlled by each Data Centre, providing the flexibility to determine what a researcher can and cannot do inside a SafePod when they are accessing their data.
    • A state of the art CCTV system is provided inside a SafePod.  If required, a Data Centre can view real time or historical footage of a SafePod booked session or the SafePod Network can monitor activity on their behalf.

    The SafePod Network website provides security reports and information about each SafePod (including SafePod Coordinator details) for a Data Centre's assurance purposes.  It also provides a bookings calendar to help keep track of SafePod bookings that are using their data.


      • The SafePod Network organises the necessary security and governance requirements with each Data Centre to provide access to their data from a SafePod.  This removes the need for a SafePod Organisation to implement these requirements which can be costly and take time to administer.  
      • SafePod equipment and IT systems are provided and maintained by the SafePod Network.  
      • The SafePod Network website provides an easy to use management system for their SafePod and bookings.
      • A SafePod can be used by a SafePod Organisation for its own research projects that require secure access.